Officers 2016-17

President- Lauren Duttry
Vice- President- Quade Lundberg
Secretary- Leigha Pertz
Treasurer- Tanner Thomas
Historian- Adrianna Azzato

This is the Home page of the Brockway Area Junior Senior High School

National Honor Society

Some of us went Caroling at Highland View on December 19, 2016
Caroling 2016.jpg



If you have been notified that you have met the scholarship requirement by having a 92% cumulative average, then you are eligible to explain your other qualifications for membership. Remember, that you have to describe in detail , how you have met the SERVICE, LEADERSHIP, and CHARACTER requirement.

To do so:

Step 1

You will submit a digital copy of the essay (without signatures) addressing the questions in "Essay Questions 2016" (the questions are same as last year) below to no later than 3PM EST, on Thursday, Feb.16, 2017. I WOULD APPRECIATE THAT YOU DO NOT SEND TO THE "BROCKWAYSD" EMAIL. I DO NOT CHECK THAT ONE!

Please reference the below document to learn how your essay will be scored. Still valid for 2017.
Valid for 2017 (2015 is the date the document was written)

Step 2

You will give an additional hard copy of the essay (with signatures) to Mr. Chelednik in room 210 no later than 3:00 pm, on Friday, Feb 12.

What happens next?

Upon receipt of the essay, your teachers from last year and this current school year will be notified. They will be polled to ask if you are deficient in any of the aforementioned areas. The faculty council will review both the essay that you submit as well as the teacher polling and vote on whether to extend an invitation to you or not. TO RECEIVE AN INVITATION TO JOIN, YOU MUST RECEIVE A MAJORITY VOTE FROM THE FACULTY COUNCIL. You will be notified by Mr. Chelednik of the result of this vote.

Other membership issues

Induction ceremony- Members, it's time to find those membership pins. Mark this date. Wednesday, April 19 @ 7pm.
NHS scholarship available. Check the national website.